F1 TECH TERMS :: Tech Speak Explained (2)

Tread: The visible outer part of the tyre that is in contact with the tarmac.  

Track conditions: This word signifies a lot of track related data like surface temperature, asphalt roughness, grip levels provided by the asphalt etc.

Steering lock: The amount of steering input (rotation) in degrees given by the driver to negotiate a corner.

Sandbagging: This is a term now often used in the new-for-2007 Qualifying sessions. This generally means that a driver is driving well below his limit (which means he is going very slow) for tactical reasons.

Tyre blanket: This is an electrical cover sort of thing that is put on a tyre to bring it upto and maintain it at the correct operating temperature. This obviously makes it clear that F1 tyres wont work at room temperatures.


3 Responses to F1 TECH TERMS :: Tech Speak Explained (2)

  1. Srivaths says:

    Cool. Hey, I learnt a new word from this – SAND BAGGING. Thanks.

    One suggestion, leave the common ones and dwell on tough tech words.

  2. Sriram says:

    I understand your point. But, what I believe is that although most of the terms in the lists are known to people who watch F1, it’s their meaning that’s not so so correctly understood. So, the whole point of TECH SPEAK EXPLAINED is to make the meanings of common words common too.

  3. […] TECH TERMS :: Tech Speak Explained (3) Blistering: Phenomenon of pieces of rubber from tread breaking loose from the tyre. Happens when the track temperature is too hot for the selected tyre […]

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