The results are now in. Kimi takes the 2007 Formula One Drivers’ Championship with an emphatic win at the season finale trouncing the McLaren of Alonso in the process!

More to come later.


5 Responses to Hooray!

  1. Srivaths says:

    Man…what a race…what a race…. 🙂 Absolutely splendid!!!

  2. iceman ram says:

    Even though i din’t see the race ,i can see in my minds eye how kimi marched his way to his very own title(though i could not have imagined it with out you,bcos you narrated it each and every part of it).Anyway “i dont know” whether kimi will be celebrating his victory,but i will(including Alonso’s downfall)

  3. i know u ll be double happy – kimi winning and alonso losing…
    give a detailed account on that race ( i din see it)

  4. chandrasekharan says:

    y no reply?

  5. Sriram says:

    I apologize Chandru. As you know, it’s been a bit hectic for the past week. From now on, normal service will be resumed!

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