Lewis Hamilton? (Instalment 1)

The F1 circus has sat up and looked at the boy-wonder in the name of Lewis Hamilton with an awe in its face. What’s that he’s doing to make him the most happening person in Formula 1 right now? Well, the answer is quite simple. He’s fast. Truly, madly, insanely fast. Yes. Faster than your twice World Champ Fernando Alonso. I’m not saying this just ‘coz I’m no fan of Alonso. When you take the time to study both of their laps over the course of the entire season, you’ll arrive at the same decision. Even Alonso accepts that he’s slower than Hamilton. Albeit indirectly in the form of his whining about McLaren and Hamilton.

Racing drivers are basically of two varieties. Some drivers are the seat-of-the-pants kind while some others are analytical. The drivers who best manage to exhibit both these characteristics are the ones who rock the stage. And a certain driver by name Lewis Hamilton is that kind of a driver. We’ll see what he does on the race track in the second instalment of this feature.


3 Responses to Lewis Hamilton? (Instalment 1)

  1. flatoutram says:

    is he faster than Kimi”flatout”Raikkonen?

  2. Sriram says:

    We can only speculate on that. Even if we put Michael, Kimi and Lewis all in the same car, it’ll be difficult to tell. But, my money is on Kimi.

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