Alonso no more a McLaren driver!

What I personally believed would happen (starting mid-season), has now happened. McLaren has let go Alonso and I think they have done just the right thing. There’s no point having a trouble-some driver onboard who always moans if things are not going his way. The theory that Alonso is not capable of facing a really good team mate/rival in a constructive way is what I’ve always believed in. That has come to be true now. If you need an example of how a driver can/should face a team mate – who is stronger than him – constructively, I would encourage you to look at Kimi in the first half of this season. Felipe Massa – his team mate – had the measure of him in the first half. Kimi was struggling to get to grips with his new car/tyre/team package. But, when quizzed about why he was being beaten by Massa, Kimi made no fuss of the situation. He simply accepted that he indeed was having some problems (problems not with his team but problems with respect to his pace in his car) to sort out and that they (Kimi and Ferrari) were hard at work to try and solve them. He, at no point, if I remember correctly, complained about Ferrari favouring Felipe and all those stuffs that Alonso was doing at McLaren. What Kimi showed was pure sportsman-ship; he believed in him, he believed he had the talent to sort out his problems and he went about doing it in the perfect manner – without whining. The result, Kimi is now World Champion.

Follow this link to read the Official Press Release by McLaren.


6 Responses to Alonso no more a McLaren driver!

  1. Js says:

    its not a secret that Kimi complained about Felipe or Ferrari.he hardly speaks with anyone.

  2. Sriram says:

    No JS, you’re missing the important point. It’s true that Kimi is not loquacious. But, he doesn’t complain about Felipe or Ferrari not because he speaks less but because he is a team player. He understands that there will be problems somewhere always and that he has to solve them methodically – not by complaining. He, like Schumi understands people’s feelings.

  3. ur prediction becam true sriram

  4. Sriram says:

    I didn’t actually predict that Kimi would be World Champion. But, I wished he would.

  5. Js says:

    What i meant by that comment is that,Kimi adapts himself to the team he goes and he always looks at his talent when he’s been downplayed by his team mate,rather than complain about the team and he dont really see a reason to open his mouth.dont forget i’ve been kimi’s fan right from my first season as F1 viewer,so i know kimi to some extent but not as much you know about him.

  6. Sriram says:

    Ya ok. But, you didn’t convey exactly what you meant in your first comment. That’s why. Now I get it.

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