Kimi and his Motor

There’s a widely held conception that most of the reliability problems that Kimi faces is due to his driving style. They say, Kimi blows his engines as frequently as he does due to his pushing the revs to the max. And more. Beyond the rev-limiter! Today’s F1 cars are so much sophisticated so that it would be a bit weird to suggest that the engine electronics would happily allow the driver to melt the pistons. By simply nailing the throttle. A driver can set the max revs that the engine will rev to, in any gear, from his steering wheel. In qualifying, the engine will be wound up to its max and in the races it will be turned down to conserve it. So, even if we take it for granted that Kimi always loves to keep his right foot planted on his throttle pedal (in the process forgetting that there is another big pedal out there which is the brake pedal), he would surely take care of the engine by turning the revs down to a safe level. Or at least, his team would remind him to do so on his radio to avoid incurring multi-million dollar repair bills.

So, I guess Kimi is not, after all, contributing to the blown-engine-bills of Ferrari. 


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