I’m Sorry Michael

I accept it. I regret it. I underestimated this man’s talent. Even before this test, I knew well enough that Michael Schumacher’s talent is, … Well, I would need a dictionary by my side to finish the previous sentence. But, even after knowing that, I didn’t dare think on earth that he would pulverize the opposition. On his first day after more than a year off the cockpit. I thought that Schumi would need some time – at least one full day (a few hundred kilometers) – to learn the new-for- 2007 tyres, to learn the F2007 which is so different – mechanically – to the the 248 F1 he is used to, to learn to unlearn driving F1 cars with TC. Yes, he indeed took some time. Except that he took 2 laps, just 2 laps, just 10 kilometers to nail the fastest times home. I’m just bewildered as to what this man is made of. It’s unbelievable. Astonishing. This season, I had a feeling that I didn’t miss Michael. But now after this test, I’m longing. Come back, Schumi, for heaven’s sake, come back.


One Response to I’m Sorry Michael

  1. He s great !!! as u said

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