Renault|Tyre Switch

“Renault exploited the Michelin tyres to its fullest–more than any Michelin team. That’s why they struggled to make a successful switch to Bridgestones”. This was a popular statement in the F1 media last season. I doubt even Renault would accept this. I cannot understand how using Michelin tyres to its best (do not misinterpret me. The stress here is in the way the tyres are used. I fully accept changing tyres will cause problems) would prevent Renault from a successful adaptation to the Bridgestone tyres. McLaren too used the Michelin tyres for the 2006 season yet, they had a successful campaign last season. Ok, Renault said the two tyres have very different mechanical and aerodynamic characteristics and that was one of the reasons why they struggled with the R27. This statement is acceptable. Note that they’ve not talked a bit about “exploitation of the tyres to the maximum”.

It’s the switch from one tyre to another tyre that’s at question. The success of the switch depends on, efficient interpretation of the tyres’ requirements and incorporating the data into the car’s setup. It does not depend on how well or how bad a car used its previous tyre. Anyway they’re going to leave all the Michelin data behind and take aboard the Bridgestone data. Where’s the “degree of usage” in this?


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One Response to Renault|Tyre Switch

  1. Js says:

    So True…what Sports LOVERS do is that they take the Team’s form or championship for granted and confirms that this is the team to beat or new era is started.What they lack is that ANALYZING the data/team performance/components/Drivers caliber so and so.When they start doing it they’ll get the real picture.

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