Briatore|Alonso|Piquet Jr.

I do not know if Ferrari will take the crown this year, yet again. I do not know if BMW can win a race this year. I also do not know if Force India can establish themselves as mid-field contenders. But, I’m damn sure of one thing. That Alonso will not be frightened by Nelson Piquet this season at Renault.

You don’t need to go any further than Briatore’s own words to understand what I mean. His Q&A’s, thus far, have contained all or atleast one of these sentences: “Nelson is a clever guy who loves to be in F1”, “Nelson is looking forward to learning from Fernando”, “He (Nelson) knows his place”, “There won’t be any repeat of the problems Fernando faced in 2007”

When directly confronted with questions on No.1 and No.2 status of drivers, he laughs off at those but then comes up with this: “We don’t need to forget that Fernando has the most experience, he is twice a world champion with us. And Piquet have a lot to learn, and is very smart, very intelligent. He is the future for us as well, he is 22 and very young – and in a fantastic position to learn from Fernando.”

Briatore need not talk about team-orders anymore. After all, its team-orders at Renault that’s going to keep Alonso going.


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One Response to Briatore|Alonso|Piquet Jr.

  1. Js says:

    Briatore should be ashamed of himself.Every drivers must be given equal chance,so that he’ll know where he belongs.Teams must not restrict the drivers for the sake of so called champions.

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